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Not just amazing slides...

Supply 200

$55 for whitelist mint / $75 per public mint

November 21 9AM Whitelist EST, 11AM EST Public

Mint Here ➞

Digital NFT Slide

Early access to showroom

SMR Staking Multiplier

Entry into the Blanksoles & SMR communities

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When and Where is the mint happening?

The mint will be on Monday, November 21, at 11am EST It will take place on Hyperspace. Be there then or be square.

Do I really get physical slides that I can wear?


Why is the mint on hyperspace?

Hyperspace is our favorite marketplace on Solana that aggregates the best pricing for buyers. The floor is on Hyperspace.

What do I get by purchasing an SMR x Blanksoles NFT?

(i) A digital slide that is composed of traits that will be unique to you 
(ii) A physical slide in your size shipped to your address 
(this slide will be all black as shown here: )
(iii) Monke Reject NFT holders will get a full-body PFP of their reject wearing 
(iv) Access to Blanksoles’ holders-only Showroom, which is an immersive 3D experience where you can view, show off, and interact with your digital shoe collection as it grows over time.

I heard about reward tiers, what’s that?

Those who are lucky enough to mint the three most rare slides (platinum, gold, and diamond) will earn special rewards, as shown below: 

PLATINUM (quantity of 5): 
Blanksoles Shoes
Rejects Beanie
Monke PFPs

GOLD (quantity of 5): 
Blanksoles Shoes
Rejects Beanie

DIAMOND (quantity of 5) 
Rejects Beanie

Do I have to own a Monke Reject to mint?

You don’t. Anyone can mint the digital slides and order the physicals. However, only Monke Reject holders will be able to see the full-body PFP of their unique Monke wearing the black slides.